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Birck Nanotechnology Center Going Up
  a. Big Interest in Tiny Research c. Collaboration is Key
  b. Convergence of Disciplines d. The Integration Challenge
Buildings for Advanced Technology Workshop II
  Buildings for Advanced Technology Workshop II

The second consecutive year of the Buildings for Advanced Technology (BAT) Workshop will take place January 21-23, 2004, in Mesa, Arizona. The conference is hosted by the Arizona State University and will be held in the Mesa Centennial Conference Center.

Discussions will focus on developing a connection between emerging science and a range of technical factors to consider during the design and construction of advanced technology facilities to support the next generation of nano-, bio- and micro-technology research and production.

This year's conference will extend the topics covered last year to include the following:
• Defining the Science Needs
• Outlining Trends and Developing Solutions
• Protecting the Investment

Invited Keynote Speaker: Dr. James S. Murday, Office of Naval Research

The BAT Workshop is sponsored by:
• Arizona State University
• Colin Gordon and Associates

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