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Purdue University
Birck Nanotechnology Center | Discovery Park, West Lafayette, IN
Purdue Birck Nanotechnology Center
Birck Nanotechnology Research Center will be the first of its kind in the state of Indiana and will establish Purdue as a national leader in nanoscale research. The facility will provide approximately 215,000 gross square feet of interactive, interdisciplinary laboratory, cleanroom, office, teaching laboratories and seminar space to pursue research The facility will be the anchor of Purdue’s new Discovery Park located on the southwest edge of the West Lafayette campus. Programs will involve undergraduate teaching, graduate research and technology transfer initiatives with industry partners. The facility is to be part of the School of Electrical and Computational Engineering. The Schools of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and other engineering disciplines will participate in research efforts.
╗ Project Size
Size (GSF): 215,000
Size (NSF):
Size (ASF):
Cleanroom (NSF):
Labs (NSF):
Offices (NSF):
Conferences (NSF):
╗ Maximum Planned Building Occupancy
Total Staff 300
╗ Schedule and Milestones:
Schematic Design Start: 1/2002
Schematic Design End: 3/2002
Design Development Start: 3/2002
Design Development End: 6/2002
Construction Documents Start: 6/2002
Construction Documents End: 3/2003
Review / Permitting 1 mo.
Bidding / Negotiating 2 mos.
Construction Start: 7/2003
Construction End: 5/2005
Fit-up Design 6 mos.
Occupancy: 2005
╗ Design Consultants:
Architectural - Lead: HDR Architecture, Inc.
Architectural - Second: -
╗ Contractors/CMs:
╗ Related Links:
- http://discoverypark.e-enterprise.purdue.edu
- http://www.hdrprojects.com/purdue/
- http://www.hdrinc.com/
╗ Plans,Sections and Elevations:
First Floor (pdf, 361 KB)
Second Floor (pdf, 382 KB)
Section B-B (pdf, 246 KB)
╗ Project Photos:
╗ Related Documents:
╗ Project Cost
Project Cost: 58,300,000
Construction Cost (excludes hookup): $47,420,000
╗ Capabilities and Processes:
Wet Etch
Dry Etch
Metal Deposition
Nanotechnology Incubator
Instructional Lab
Molecular Electronics
Instrument lab Analytical Bio-Chem
Characterization Materials
Nano-Mechanical MEMS
Electron Micoroscopy
Electrical Characterization
RF/Microwave Characterization
Optical and surface Analysis Lab
╗ Environmental Criteria:
Cleanrooms, Epigrowth Labs 68░F ▒ 2░F, 45%RH ▒ 5%
General Laboratories 70░F ▒ 2░F, 30-50%RH (Seasonal)
Metrology/Nanostructure Characterization 70░F ▒ 0.5░F, 30-50%RH (Seasonal)
Nanostructure Instrument Development 70░F ▒ 0.25░F(▒ 0.1░C), 30-50%RH (Seasonal)
Office 70░F -74░F, 30-50%RH (Seasonal)
General laboratory 2000 - 4000 Áinch/s
Class 1000 Cleanroom 1000 Áinch/s  (VC-B)
Class 100 Cleanroom 250 Áinch/s (VC-D)
Class 10 Cleanroom 125 Áinch/s (VC-E)
Metrology/Nanostructure (Surface) Characterization 125 - 250 Áinch/s (FC-D to VC-E)
Nanostructure AFM/Atom Pushing 125 Áinch/s (VC-E or NIST-A)
Nanostructure Instrument Development >50 Áinch/s capable (NIST-A1)
General Lab NC 35 ~ NC 45
Cleanroom NC55 ~ NC 65
Metrology; Surface Characterization NC 30
Nanostructures AFM NC 30
Nanostructures Instrument Development NC30
Cleanroom Classification
Cleanroom Class 10: Lithography
Class 100:
Cleans & diffusion, Oxidation
Class 1000:

Chem/Bio Bay
Clean Deposition
Dry Etch
Exhot Metal Deposition
Quarts Clean
RTP & Anneal
Wet Etch & CMP
Instrument Development Laboratories Temperature < 0.25░F(▒ 0.1░C)
Vibration < 50 Áinch/s
Electro Magnetic Interference
General laboratories/Electrical Characterization 1-3 milligause
Nanostructure Characterization & Instrument Development 0.1 milligause

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